Christianity Has No Morality

Excerpt from “The Atheist Experience No.630”

An excellent counter to the argument of “Not having anyone to answer to” by hosts Martin Wagner and Matt Dillahunty of “The Atheist Experience”.

In short we ARE accountable, not to an almight divine sky daddy, but to each other, our friends, family and wider society (through the law).

Martin and Matt also deconstruct that fact that Christianity has a morality of its own. It is simply obedience to an unquestioning authority.

(by the way, they are still having technical difficulties in the studio which explains the sound issues)


3 thoughts on “Christianity Has No Morality”

  1. I believe religions are typically incompetent at morality. This incompetence leads to 3 main consequences:

    1. They deliver poor moral codes.

    2. They believe they have delivered good moral codes, and promote them.

    3. They under-estimate the morality and moral codes of others.

    If someone says “I have a god-given right”, or “I have a god-given duty”, dive for cover!

    They intend to make you do something you don’t want to do, or they intend to stop you doing something you want to do, or there will be a loud bang, with blood and body-parts all over the place.

    Their statements are a signature of intolerance, with the excuse that “God made me do it”. And they never have to prove it!

    I show that the 10 Commandments are a poor moral code here.

    Many religious people claim that atheists cannot have a real sense of ethics or morals. They say that, without some sort of gods, “anything goes”. That claim is false, but there is surely something that all religious people and atheists can agree upon? We can all be sure that, if things go wrong, atheists will never say:

    – “God told me to do it”, or “I thought I was doing God’s will”.

    We can all be sure that, if atheists do bad things, they will never say:

    – “Satan (or the Devil) made me do it”.

    Atheists have to take personal responsibility where, in many cases, religious people can pass the buck!

    My saying for this (with an image that can be downloaded) is:
    “I’m an Atheist: The buck stops here!”

  2. The simple answer is if morality has to be objective to you and you need god to be moral you are not moral in the first place.

    although there is a Christian counter augment that basic morality comes from the god creation of humanity and not the bible however that begs the question on why the bible is so easily immoral in places

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