The Most Ridiculous Lawsuit Yet!

A “Christian” midwife is suing a hospital in what may be the most ridiculous and frivolous lawsuit yet. Apparently in the hospital she is required to wear *gasp* surgical scrub trousers. Yes, you read it right she is suing because she believes that wearing trousers is against her religion.

Apparently there is a passage on Deuteronomy (22:5) which forbids women from wearing men’s clothes and vice-versa. Again, yes really, and this is the basis of her lawsuit claiming religious discrimination.

There is only one place for this waste of a tribunal’s time, the surgical waste bin!


3 thoughts on “The Most Ridiculous Lawsuit Yet!”

  1. Should I ever have the misfortune to require surgery in a hospital I do not, repeat, DO NOT, want anyone in the theatre who thinks that their religion is more important than my health. Leave your religion at the door, the only important thing in that theatre is the patient.

  2. UPDATE: She lost the tribunal. It ruled that the hospital rules were necessary and reasonable for the prevention of infection control!


  3. Thank f*** someone has some sense, things like this should never even be entertained by tribunals.

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