Newsletter : September 2011 : Issue 16

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Welcome to Atheism’s September Newsletter – Issue 16.

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Atheist Alliance International: Secular World Magazine

As an affiliate organization of Atheist Alliance International (AAI), we now have access to the quarterly “Secular World” magazine, which we are pleased to make available to our members and supporters. You can read the July – September 2011 lite version of “Secular World” here.

Secular Europe Campaign march and rally – JOIN US

The Secular Europe Campaign is holding its annual march and rally on Saturday 17th September in central London. The march will assemble from 10.30am in Temple Place, right next to Temple tube on the Circle and District lines, and set off at about 11.30 to arrive in Richmond Terrace, opposite Downing Street, by 12.30 for the rally.

JOIN US there and fly the flag under the banner of Atheism UK (it’s a big one with our logo on it) to show your support for the Secular Europe Campaign and oppose the creeping influence, interference, undeserved privileges and power of religion in modern life.

Please let us know if you are coming by sending us a short e-mail here. Alternatively, add a message to the new thread on our Forum here. We look forward to seeing you there.

Full details of the march and rally on the Secular Europe Campaign web site here.

Featured article

“To god and back again – the story of a born again atheist” (by Andy Carrington)

Introduction: Many atheists have either been atheists for as long as they can remember, discounting childhood experiences, or have become atheists after realizing the religion they were brought up in was an irrational fantasy. This interesting article by one of our members, Andy Carrington,  charts his journey from originally being an atheist to becoming a religious believer and then back to atheism again. Not a story that many of us hear too often.

Read Andy’s story here.

Andy Carrington also has a web site called Logic Cupboard.

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Faith-based abortion counselling  – no thanks!

There is a very disturbing and dishonest undercurrent to attempts to amend the health and social care bill, specifically with respect to the changes to the abortion laws. Under the pre-text of providing more choice and independent information it seems that there is a hidden agenda of trying to disrupt the abortion process and give more influence to faith-based groups.

See this article in the Guardian for the fuller story.

A religious-based perspective would certainly not provide unbiased, independent information so we encourage you to lobby your MP to not support these changes.

Find and write to your MP here

More information on what you can do from the Family Planning Association and  the national pro-choice campaign Abortion Rights.

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