What does your MP believe?

Has your MP responded to our survey? If not, would you write to him or her?

After the 2010 General Election we wrote to all Members of Parliament to ask them what their religious beliefs were, as we are of the view that the public have a right to know what they believe, as those beliefs are likely to inform their decisions.

The response was, not unexpectedly, dismal, with only around 25 replies so far. As MPs are only obliged to respond to their own constituents we are following up the MPs who didn’t respond with personal requests from constituents.

There is now an easy way to check what your MP’s reponse is, if any. Go to Find Your MP and enter your post code and click Find. In addition to details about your MP you will find a link to the specific response, on the page of all responses.

To assist with your own response you can find a sample letter you can use on the MPs Campaign page.

If you would like to see a rather tortuous, and revealing,  interaction I had with my own MP have a look here Adam Afriyie.





Author: Rupert Young

Rupert Young

2 thoughts on “What does your MP believe?”

  1. Asking an MP what their beliefs are is an invasion of privacy and smacks of totalitarianism. An MP is elected on a political platform to deal with political issues.
    Their religion is irrelevant to public legislation and to use religious identification for political purpose is shameful.

  2. If an M.P. is going to base their decisions on their religious views, then that impacts on their political decisions. In that case, it is very much relevant to public legislation and is a legitimate question to ask.

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