Creationism and (Un)Intelligent Design

Beware of creeping (and creepy) Creationism.

I happened to come across an article on Creationism in the Leicester Mercury by chance as I was doing some Internet research.

By coincidence, I then received an e-mail from the author of the web site:

Centre for Unintelligent Design

…asking if we would help publicize it. Please note, this is not to be confused with the Centre for Intelligent Design, which should be avoided unless you want to wind yourself up by reading a load of creationist garbage masquerading as the appalling pseudo-science of Intelligent Design (ID).

IDists are quick to explain that Creationism and ID are not the same thing, but this is disingenuous to say the very least as ID is little more than the PR face of Creationism to try to gloss over the religious core.

This is a cunning ruse as there are increasing reports of ID advocates infiltrating schools to offer an ‘alternative scientific view to evolution’. This would be laughable as a serious idea, but unfortunately it’s actually happening and it seems that not only are some schools inviting this, but don’t actually see it as an issue.

It is a serious issue because the real purpose of Creationism, whether or not it’s dressed up as ID, is religious proselytizing and recruiting new converts. We have enough problems with faith schools and religious education being a requirement in all schools as it is without the creationists trying to infiltrate any school that will have them.

Here are two petitions against teaching Creationism in schools you might like to consider:


HM Government e-petition



3 thoughts on “Creationism and (Un)Intelligent Design”

  1. A significant battle has been won, the UK Govt has agreed that the new “Free Schools” will not be allowed to teach creationism, a decision which may stop in it’s tracks any attempt by creationist groups to teach creationism whilst using public funding to do so.

    There is still work to be done such as ensuring that teaching evolution is part of the natiional curriculum and that creationism is removed from all state supported schools. However it is still a cause for celebration I feel. Please follow the link to read the full ammendment / addition at the BHA web site

  2. On a related note I am going to provide you with a link to a youtube video first screened in the UK by channel 4. The subject material is the failed attempt by Britains fundementalists to ammend the then Embryology Bill which was aimed at restricting abortrion rights, gay rights and embryology research.

    The point of interest is at 5.56 in. It shows the state funded Carmel Christian School in my home city of Bristol. it is the most graphic depiction of the religious indoctrination of children I have seen in a British school. BTW it is worth watching the whole video. Link below

    In case you are wondering yes they are still there and teaching the same insane rubbish.

    Just thought you might like to see how far we have to go despite the victory I noted above.

  3. I hadn’t seen that channel4 program. Seeing how they indoctrinate such young children is scary.

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