4 thoughts on “What’s the Harm Again…?”

  1. No Zippy, you’ve got it wrong, the accomodationists are correct, religion is harmless. Just look at the middle east, no problems with religion there, look at Afghanistan and Pakistan, no problems with religion there. And as for Christianity, why that’s the most harmless and peaceful and loving religion you can get, it harms no-one.

    Excuse me, I’ve got to go and wash my mouth/mind out now, saying those words, thinking those thoughts, UGH!

    As for this report, it’s sick. This shows how religion warps the mind. When you believe in invisible magic friends, when you believe in life after death, it’s easy to carry on and go further, believing in witches, believing in people being possessed by demons, believing that by killing them you are helping them. Religion is a disease, it infects the mind. Anyone with religion should be in a mental institution until they’re cured.

  2. Graham, Zippy

    It would appear that as Nigeria is beginning to wake up to the murderous intent of their “witch-hunters” and have begun to apply some legal pressure, they have started to branch out, as it were.

    One of those revolting people that were highlighted in the t.v. documentary about the plight of Africas “witchchildren” ( she has been implicated in the death of children) is about to export their twisted agenda to the US in 2012.

    Please follow link to the New Humanist site to read the full article, which also highlights the struggle against this nonsense in Africa


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