Non-religious up by 83%

2011 Census results revealed

The results pertaining to the religious affiliation of residents of the United Kingdom, as determined by the 2011 census are out. Unsurprisingly the number of Christians is down, by 4 million people, or 12.4%. The percentage of Christians is now recorded as 59% rather than the 72% in 2001.

More interestingly the number of people who specifically state they have no religion has risen from 7.7 to 14  million, a whopping increase of 83%! This now represents 25% of the population, and is the second highest category. If we also include those who did not state a religion the number goes up to 18 million, which is 32%, virtually one third of the population.

We should also remember that, although we can be confident that those who specifically answered ‘no religion’ gives credence to the statistics for that category, the same is not the case for those who answered with a particular religion. It is likely that some, or many, people who answered affirmatively with regards to having a religion would have done so because they feel themselves to be culturally religious, and not necessarily practitioners of the religion, or even believers. So, the number of people who are actually non-religious is probably much higher.

This is a great sign that society is becoming more rational, and less prone to superstitions and delusions, year by year!




Author: Rupert Young

Rupert Young

11 thoughts on “Non-religious up by 83%”

  1. Great news!

    More people are realising that religion has no place in there lives and that its far better to look at things from a rational scientific view point. Its far more healthier in the long run. We have a long way to go but the tide is turning.

  2. This, coupled with the Richard Dawkins poll, goes to show that the U.K. is no longer a christian country and politicians should be using this to get rid of religion from all forms of government up to and including bishops in the HofL.

  3. As with most statistical data there needs to be some analysis beyond the mere numbers. Rupert (the author of this article) rightly queries the number of people who reported to have a religion, particularly Christianity, as there are people who tick the ‘Christian’ box because they were christened as a child, even if they have no interest in religion as an adult.

    This is why Atheism UK ran its “Don’t Believe It? Don’t Tick It!” campaign in the run up to the 2011 Census:

  4. We are also indebted to our British & Irish stand up comedians for “in their way” constantly pointing out to their audience,[through media etc] the lunacy of religion. Hats off to these guys for the astounding work they do,in exposing religion for what its worth ! Atheism requires platforms. At the moment these people are probably the best platform permitted.

  5. just a p.s. Atheism is growing here in NI also,but sadly at a very slow rate. Such is the mindset of this province. Through the perpetual sectarian teachings in this “One side or the other” State ! …. Win here, and we win the world !

  6. I agree Trev – Russell Howard springs to mind also Ricky Gervais,also of interest not so long back was about the U.S.A and France becoming increasingly Atheist.

  7. Have also tried , on several occasions to register a vote,but to no avail. My thinking is Lets return to home ground, and as opposed to formulalating a general consensus on Atheism and their followers, is, Stand up ! and do something about tackling the issue in a a more robust fashion,as opposed to a few names on a form. To which I would also like to know the statistics, but Action as they say,say speaks louder than words, !

  8. woo hoo! as Homer Simpson would say. Religion is failing and people are realising that they dont need religion to give their lives meaning. Theres a long way to go but the impact we are having is huge.

  9. Wow almost a third of us in the UK, I really thought there were more than that anyway many of us have children who’ll probably mature into healthy free thinking adults in due time – getting closer to 38 degrees – the tipping point, when the avalanche will speed up…

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