Atheist Census back online

We are pleased to let you know that Atheist Census is back online at!

Atheist Census was launched on 7 December and received 8,880 confirmed entries with another c. 2,300 pending before it was taken offline by a DoS (denial of service) attack about 17 hours after launch.  The census and DoS attack were mentioned in media reports: Huffington Post, Examiner, Christian Post.

If you have not already contributed to Atheist Census, make sure you are counted!  All data from before the DoS attack has been retained, so if you have already confirmed your data you do not need to enter it again.  While the DoS attack did take Atheist Census offline the database was not compromised in any way.  Further, once data has been confirmed the corresponding email address is stored in a one-way encrypted format for enhanced security.

We have re-sent confirmation emails to the c. 2,300 people who had pending entries for Atheist Census – if you have received an Atheist Census validation email in the last 12 hours please click on the link in the email to confirm your data.

And please help Atheist Census grow by telling others about it – “like” Atheist Census on Facebook, tweet about it (#atheistcensus), distribute the link through any social media channels you use!
Finally, the cost of Atheist Census has increased as result of additional protection put in place after the DoS attack.  Any donations to support Atheist Census would be greatly appreciated – please click here to donate.

Thank you for your support.


Chris Kellogg                                     Carlos A. Diaz

Atheist Census Coordinator                President, Atheist Alliance International


3 thoughts on “Atheist Census back online”

  1. Just had a look at the results being generated so far. There are some good things coming out but also a couple of really worrying points. The best thing appears to be that the younger generations are more atheistic than older people, hopefully that means that religion is slowly going to fade away.

    The most worrying aspect of this so far is that it does appear to be dominated by well educated men. Okay, so this proves that education is important in getting rid of religion but why is the data so skewed against women coming forward? Most women that I knew are not afraid of voicing their opinions on any subject, they don’t come across as shrinking violets always willing to concede the point to a male voice, far from it in fact. So why is the data showing only 1 in 4 atheists to be a woman?

    Much as I hate to say it, it appears that the feminists are correct, this is a movement dominated by men and women are not being heard. We need to do something about that, and soon.

  2. Historically it has been dominated by men because even in the more enlightened cultures we had better access to education, although that is far too simplistic it is part of the reason.
    While I agree with you Graham, I also wonder whether some feminists are actually frightening women away, by stating that something is a testosterone based club and will remain that way, you will stop some women from being involved.
    Yes, as men we are to blame in many ways but it is not just a case of sexism and I think most of us are disgusted by sexists attitudes. The question is, how to we get this across.

  3. I just took part in the census and it feels great to be a part of it. I think its great that the number of atheists is growing especially in the UK it shows that people no longer need to be controlled by a delusion, rational thought and free thinking is the only path an individual needs.

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