Atheism UK speaks on ‘Voice of Islam’ radio

‘Voice of Islam’ radio

Chris Street speaks on ‘Voice of Islam’ radio about ‘The Meaning of Life’.

Sometimes Atheism UK Council Members get requests to speak on radio and in University debates (I’ve spoken twice at the Cambridge Union and will probably speak at Bath University this November). We also speak to schools about atheism  – we will be speaking to an independent school in central London in September. This time we’ve been invited to talk to Voice of Islam radio about the ‘Meaning of Life’.

The four questions I will be asked today (Thursday 18th August 2016) between 4-6pm on their Drive Time programme will be:

1. What is purpose of life according to atheist’s perspective and how can one achieve it?
2. Suppose there is no God or immortality and our existence does not have a purpose, how is mankind different to other creatures, for example animals?
3. If there is no divine purpose to our existence and we will not be judged in the afterlife, shouldn’t all things be permitted?
4. What is your reply as an atheist to what Rick Warren has said about atheists? Should atheists become self-centred and stop being ethical?

If you had to answer these questions how would you respond? Leave a comment by 4pm today and I might just quote you!

Update by Chris Street 22nd August 2016

Listen to my 13 minute talk on Voice of Islam radio about the meaning of life – from 9:45 minutes to 22:30 minutes.

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  1. Very well spoken Chris. Religionists try to imply that belief in god improves (or is somehow relevant to) morality. That’s very fallacious as disbelief in god(s) is not less moral than religious belief, it is just more objective and without superstition. Muslims presumably disbelieve in all other gods but Allah and favour no other religions but their own. Most are only Muslim because that is their parents’ religion. Most Catholics are raised Catholic. Religion is usually parent given. Even most religionists seem to realise that religion is man-made, not god-given.

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