Evolutionary Puzzle Solved

An unknown matter within evolutionary biology (one of the “gaps” if you will), the question of why insects that are poor mimics of more dangerous creatures still avoid getting eaten despite their poor mimicry has been answered.

It was answered by a group of Canadian scientists. Please click here for the full story from the BBC

…oh and ***SPOILER ALERT*** – God done it is NOT the answer!


Humans Evolved From Fish

One of my favourite comebacks that I read on a blog recently was when an atheistic scientist was talking to a creationist and the creationist stated “I don’t come from no monkey (sic)!” the scientist said, “Actually I’m going further back and showing you that you are descended from a fish!”

…and then I found this on the BBC Health News site!


Pope Tries Science – Fail!

The Pope has tried his hand at evolutionary biology and failed miserably!

According to him Humanity is not a product of evolution…which is random…

Firstly we ARE undoubtably the product of evolution, the random mutation of genetic material and it’s non-random survival of the resulting phenotypes.

Maybe he should stick to what he is good at, hiding paedophile priests justified by divine authority to protect his own power?