The Spell of Faith and Politics

The Magical Spell of Faith

God’s SatNav for Britain

By Willem Sander van Boxtel

The first time I set eyes upon the glorious House of Lords chamber, in the  summer of 2013, I was an ignorant tourist in the UK. With blissful awe I gazed on the golden decorations, the wooden benches, the leather seats, the red armrests. The red armrests which only seemed to be added to one bench. But the question why did not race through my fifteen-year old mind. Only much, much later did I find out the Bishops were granted those seats. The Bishops? Yes, the Bishops.

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HIV Patients Told by Pentecostal Pastors ‘to rely on God’

Please read this report from the BBC, and then comment. I am still too angry to say much except point to our detractors who keep asking “What’s the Harm!” and wanting to yell at them!

It’s no wonder every time I see the word “pastor” I see the phrase “personnification of evil!”



Catholic School Told It’s Admission Policy Unfair

A complaint about the admissions policy of a Catholic school in South Croydon has been partially upheld.

They key point of the complaint is that as an oversubscribed school it had a points system for admissions that put an emphasis on early baptism and activity within the church as oppososed to geographical location (i.e. how close they live) of potential applicants.

This ruling will have a knock on effect on the selection policies of other so-called “faith” schools.

Best bet get rid of the “faith” element of all state schools and let’s make all schools truly community schools serving the local populations.

Full story on the BBC Website


Faith Healers Claim to Cure Cancer

A group of faith healers who claim they have miracle cures for cancer and HIV have been condemned as “irresponsible, even criminal”

There is only one word for this as expressed by Prof Edzard Ernst – Criminal. Let’s hope these charlatans are appropriately prosecuted!

These people prey on people’s hopes, not give them hope. Yet another example of “where’s the harm?”