Download Atheism UK Constitution (pdf).

Atheism UK constitution includes inter alia:

2. Name
The Company’s name is “Atheism UK”

4. Objects:
(a) the advancement of atheism;
(b) the challenging of religious faith; and
(c) anything conducive or incidental to or to the furtherance of (a) and (b) above.

5. Members
(2) The Directors may admit to membership of the Company any person who is not less than eighteen years of age:

(a) who is a British Citizen, whether or not resident in the United Kingdom; or
(b) who is not a British Citizen but who is resident in the United Kingdom,

14. Council
(1) The Company shall have a body (“the Council”), consisting of the persons appointed in accordance with this Article (“Council Members”), the general functions of which shall be
the conduct and furtherance of the Objects.
(2) No person shall be appointed or reappointed a Council Member at any general meeting unless he is a member of the Company.
(3) There shall be no less than four nor more than thirteen Council Members.

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