Atheism UK Ltd (Atheism UK) was founded on March 23rd 2009 and has three volunteer board members.

Atheism UK Council meets by Skype monthly and quarterly in London. Atheism UK has nine volunteer Council Members (at 1st February 2019) including:

chris-graduation-msc-faceChris Street, Atheism UK President (since June 2014) Chris is a life-long atheist and has been an active humanist since 2006. He was introduced to Atheism UK in 2011 by the late Atheism UK Vice-President Richard Green. Chris has been an Atheism UK Council Member since January 2011. He is proud to have failed his RE ‘O’ level whilst at a Catholic School! Chris has a degree in Biochemistry and a Masters in Business Administration. In 2015 he was awarded a Master of Science in Medicinal Chemistry degree. Chris has worked in labs and for most of his career, in commercial organisations. In the past six years, he has worked in science & maths teaching & tutoring roles.

norman-bacracNorman Bacrac, Council Member (since 2015) Norman is a life-long atheist and believes that current knowledge of both the universe and human behaviour has shown that supernaturalist theologies are without foundation; this understanding justifies holding and developing a naturalist philosophy. He is dismayed by the extent to which so many of the world’s conflicts are inflamed and carried on by the more fervent adherents of the various religions and sects.

Richard Honess, Social Media Coordinator (since 2018) Richard is a University Lecturer, a former Metropolitan Policeman and a primary school teacher. Richard co-founded Atheism UK in 2009. He has an interest in Musical Theatre and distance running. Richard is also a PhD student of Applied Criminology. Contact Richard here.