Atheism UK podcasts: No. 1

Here is the first in a new series of podcasts by Atheism UK:

What is an atheist? Do they have any morals? Atheism UK will be posting regular podcasts on a variety of topics, so look out for them here or on our YouTube channel.

Join Andy, Rich and Embers to look at the concept of atheism, from an atheist’s point of view. Many people (especially theists) have a very slanted view of what an atheist is. We’ve been called a few choice things in our time and so we thought we’d have our say. Please subscribe to our channel on YouTube, and of course like and comment. So, if you think we have no moral foundation, think we eat babies or worship Satan, then WATCH this video.

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  1. lt_zippy2

    Good to see the Video Podcast project coming along!
    Are they also going to be launched as audio podcasts?
    Need some additional atheist content on my Podcast Player…

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