Atheist is Prime Minister

Well, almost. The Deputy PM, Nick Clegg, has stated in the past that he does not believe in God. Now I am wondering if our system is the same as in the US, in that if the PM is assassinated (don’t get any ideas) does the deputy take over?

However, although the actual PM, David Cameron, does appear to be religious, he fortunately does not seem to be particularly devout, and has said, ‘I’ve a sort of fairly classic Church of England faith, a faith that grows hotter and colder by moments’.

Like most UK politicians he is somewhat ambiguous and evasive about his approach to religion saying, ‘I do think that organized religion can get things wrong, but the Church of England and the other churches do play a very important role in society. I think that it’s perfectly possible to live a good life without having faith, by which I mean a positive and altruistic life, but I think the teachings of Jesus, just as the teachings of other religions, are a good guide to help us through.’

At least this is a vast improvement on the situation in the United States where such attitudes would be political suicide. As one person commented on Clegg’s religious views on a Washington blog,  ‘I can’t possibly endorse him. My invisible superhero from outer space might become angered’.

It is also an improvement on the two previous PMs, especially Tony Bliar whose press secretary Alastair Campbell once said the prime minister ‘didn’t do God’. But as soon as he stood down converted to Roman Catholicism and then set up his own ‘Faith’ Foundation.

As a Liberal Democrat/anyone-as-long-as-they’re-not-tory voter the current coalition seems like a weird dream or alternate universe worthy of Star Trek, but perhaps Liberal Democrat involvement will temper the excesses of the, traditionally Christian, Conservatives. At least they’re talking to each other instead of constantly bickering and squabbling like children. Good luck to them; as long as they keep religion out of politics!

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