Atheism UK Updated Goals

Atheism UK has revised and updated its original goal, which was 'The end of religious faith'. We now realise that was wishful thinking, well-meaning, maybe naïve with initial enthusiasm, but…

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‘Spiritual’ The Weasel Word

Many atheists will be aware that discussions about religion with non-atheists can often contain the ‘S’ word. That is, ‘spiritual’, ‘spiritualism’, or derivations of those concepts.Let’s start with some dictionary…

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Collective worship in schools

Schools could be found in breach of failing to fulfil requirements for daily ‘collective worship’. The Education Act (1944) requires all maintained schools to provide a daily act of collective (more…)

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Freedom of Thought Report 2020

JOIN Humanists International on 10th December 2020 at 3 pm for the launch of the ninth edition of the Freedom of Thought Report.

Since 2012 Humanists International has published the report to monitor the rights and treatment of humanists, atheists and non-religious people in every country in the world.


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Rock Singer Jon Steingard loses his faith

Unbelievable? hosted this discussion... Atheism UK Council member John Richards also interviewed Jon Steingard in September 2020...

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