Atheism UK frequently receives details of new atheist or related books. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to review them, but we do add links and a brief synopsis to the best books we receive:-

  • Against All Gods: The Way to Humanism by David Findlay Clark. Pub.: Jan 2020, Amazon Synopsis: How did the universe begin? Where do all life forms come from? What is the meaning of life? Are there universal standards for judging good and evil?
  • The Rise and Fall of Jesus: A Complete Explanation for the Life of Jesus and the Origin of Christianity by Steuart Campbell, 3rd ed. pub. April 2019, website, Amazon, Youtube talk, blog & blog. Synopsis: what really happened to Jesus? Did he rise from the dead, and if not why do Christians believe that he did? Did he have a plan and, if so, what was it? Steuart Campbell, once a Christian, takes a rationalist approach and shows a new hypothesis, one that explains Jesus’ curious behaviour.
  • Unholy Bible: The Unholy and Unreal Parts of the Bible by Ward Ricker, pub. June 2019, free, website, Synopsis: the horrible, violent, immoral passages in the Bible plus 400 contradictions.
  • Religion Delusion by John Eric Carlshausen, pub. 2019, Amazon. Synopsis: A book about the folly of Religion. GOD: Made the Earth in 6 days. 4 Billion years ago. JESUS: Has been waiting in Heaven for more than 2,000 years for God to give him the signal to return to Earth. THE SOUL: Yet to be found in the human body. ANGELS: How many Angels can dance on the head of a pin? THE DEVIL: Is Redundant. REINCARNATION: More Religious nonsense. PRAYER: You can Pray to a fence post or you can Pray to an invisible friend in the sky. You will get the same result.  Zero.
  • Great Awakening – my journey from mysticism to rationalism by Bilgin Bennett, pub. 2017, Amazon. Synopsis: tells the journey of a mystic from mysticism to rationalism and scientific realism.