Atheism is a campaigning organization and our mission is to oppose faith and religion.

Our campaigns are against anything based on faith or religion, always from the atheist perspective: God does not exist.

We will lobby national and local government, legislators, judiciary, educators, industry, charities and press.

Our targets will include religious education, religious courts, religious movements and their growing involvement in public affairs.

Above all, we target the propagation of faith. We have produced a growing series of downloadable leaflets and posters, for public distribution and display, to counter faith wherever, whenever and in whatever form it appears. We call this first campaign ‘Atheology’.

All our campaigns are strongly ‘grass-roots’; we rely on you, our supporters, to identify and attack targets at local level.

On this page, we will announce new campaigns, report progress of existing ones and provide resources for conducting them

Current campaigns:


Religious Education

2011 Census

Parliament – A database of the religious beliefs of Members of Parliament.

Witches – The reparation of assets stolen by the Church after disgracefully unjust convictions of those accused of witchcraft.

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