A record of religious beliefs

How members of the UK government behave and what policies they support is dependent upon their attitudes and beliefs. As what they decide has consequences for the rest of us, we think that their beliefs should be in the public domain. More details.

How you can help

Step 1 – Find your MP

Find out who is your Member of Parliament here.

Step 2 – Write to your MP

Write a letter asking for their religious stance; we provide a sample that you can download and modify for your own purposes. Please add your personal details, and those of your MP, on both pages; you should get a response on House of Commons notepaper.

If you prefer to email them you can do that here, using text similar to this.

Step 3 – Send us your response

Click here to let us know what response, if any, you get from your own MP and we will update the list accordingly.

Many thanks!


In June 2010, just after the General Election, we wrote to all 650 MPs and asked them to complete a short questionnaire about their religious beliefs.

The response was poor, but the replies and completed questionnaires we did receive have been collated into a short report.

We need your help!…

One reason for the poor response is that MPs are not obliged to respond to requests or surveys from anyone who is not a member of their constituency, which is perfectly understandable given their workload.

We now invite to write to your own MP. If you live in a constituency where the MP has not responded to our questionnaire about their religious beliefs, please write to them on our behalf to request this information. You can find out which MPs did reply by looking at our report.

If your MP is not listed in our report (and most of them aren’t), please contact them by letter or e-mail, as described above.


Please include text similar to the following, but preferably in your own words as the ‘Write To Them’ web site advises that they may block “copy and pasted identical messages”:

In June 2010, AtheismUK, a campaigning organization of which I am a member, wrote to all 650 newly elected MPs with a short questionnaire asking what their religious beliefs were.

I note from the results of the survey that no reply was received from you, although I am aware that MPs are not obliged to respond to requests from non-constituents.

Consequently, as one of your constituents, I would like to know what your religious beliefs are so I would be grateful if you could let me know whether you consider yourself to be:

  • Atheist
  • Agnostic
  • Humanist
  • Secularist
  • Religious (practising – please specify which religion)
  • Religious (lapsed – please specify which religion)
  • None of these (please specify)

I look forward to hearing from you.

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