Creationists demand presence at the Giant’s Causeway

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Original article take from The Freethinker Magazine

An evangelical group based in Northern Ireland wants creationism reflected at the planned Giant’s Causeway visitors’ centre.

The iconic World Heritage Site is made up of spectacular basalt stone columns left by volcanic eruptions 60 million years ago.

The Caleb Foundation said it wanted equal prominence for its religious viewpoint. Foundation chairman, Wallace Thompson, has met the tourism minister Arlene Foster to discuss its request.

“All we are asking for is that the views that we hold, which are based on the Word of God, are at least respected and taken on board.”

The Foundation, according to its website is also trying to force creationist propaganda into the Ulster Museum. It states: “We fully accept that the theory of evolution is the view of the majority of scientists, but it is important to note that evolution is a theory not a fact.

“A visit to the Ulster Museum would not give that impression. Indeed, the very clear assertion is made across the entire ‘Nature Zone’ that evolution is a fact. This, presumably is quite deliberate, error is further compounded by the complete absence of even the nearest mention of any other theory of origins such as the biblical account of creation, for which there is strong scientific evidence.”


lt_zippy2’s opinion:

Where do it start with this? OK at the beginning.

We know from the scientific evidence that the basalt columns are 60 million years old and are the result of volcanic eruptions. Ask any reputable geologist, and asking that thier veiws are taken on board can be answered thus:

“Please demonstrate that a) there is a god, b) the Bible is his word, c) it is literally true, d) explain all of the internal contradictions, e) explain the contradictions with the actual physical and confirmed evidence….your views have been considered and rejected!”

Next, to give them credit they are correct when they say the theory of evolution is the view of the majority of scientists. Yes about 99.99% of those that work in the relevant fields because the evidence is overwhelming, conclusive and has no other plausible explanation. However, in scientific terms evolution is BOTH a theory AND a fact, but obviously they have no idea what that means in a scientific context. Their own “theory” isn’t even a theory when using the scientific definition of theory.

Oh, and their last sentence can be corrected by replacing the word “strong” with “absolutely no”, you can do that yourself!

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