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Author Topic: False Equivalence

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False Equivalence
on: November 11, 2016, 13:56

Recently I asked friends of mine to rate a statement I made as either, "strongly agree" or strongly disagree". The statement was "In a caring and open society all people should have an equal voice and all opinions should be afforded the same amount of consideration."..................not surprisingly, without exception, all answered that they strongly agreed and gave themselves a mutual back slap for being so "PC" and caring.

The truth is, I believe, it is this very thinking that will lead us all to wrack and ruin. Am I wrong in thinking that if a voice is mired in ignorance it should be silenced and shown for what it is? If an opinion is based on lies and deceit it should be torn down and ridiculed for its deficiencies?

Look at what happened in the EU referendum....or in the US. As a society we give a voice to ignorance and lies, we give those amongst us who happily live in the mud of that ignorance the mandate to call their beliefs true and proper.....we hold them up as equal to rational logical thought and the truth of factual evidence.......and we allow this to happen because we have been told that this is how caring and inclusive people should behave in 2016???

It is this very thinking that allows people to walk around believing the world is 8000 years old, or that going it alone will make Britain great again or that Trump will bring back the manufacturing of the 50's to the rust states.......

We have allowed the lies people tell to be held up as equivalent to the truth........and those amongst us who are intelligent enough to know the difference, have assumed the ignorant masses can make the same distinction........but they can't!!!!!

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