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Author Topic: Creationism & religionism

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Creationism & religionism
on: January 26, 2017, 16:28
By the early 1800s European geologists (many of them devout Christians) realized that the rock layers they observed had to be far older than the 6000 years allowed by a literal interpretation of Bible chronology....

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Re: Creationism & religionism
on: September 21, 2017, 10:52

Science has been disproving religion far longer than a couple of hundred years.

In fact, science first started disproving the theories in the christian bible before they even finished writing it.

Their bible is, in fact, a collection of works written over the course of around 1500 years and the last part wasn't written until about 100 AD.

The statement that the world is flat had already been shown to be wrong by a Greek philosopher, mathematician and astonomer named Pythagoras. He is the same person who gave us his Pythagoras equation in trigonometry for right angled triangles. He was the first person who was credited with proving that the world is round by studying the night sky and the movement of the stars. He died around 500 years BC, well before the last part of the bible had been written.

Just about all of the more scientific theories in the bible have been proved wrong. If, as they claim, the words in the bible are the words of an 'all knowing' god, how did he get all that wrong?

Now that all the scientific parts have been proved wrong the only role they have left for their book is as a kind of 'moral rule book'. As the book is said to be the words of their god it cannot be altered at all and the problem that creates is that they now have a set of rules which are frozen in time and thousands of years out of date.

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