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Author Topic: Humanism is not anti-god, it is pro-critical thinking

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Humanism is not anti-god, it is pro-critical thinking
on: February 28, 2017, 08:34

From the good reverend who claims to favour freedom of speech:

"We know that humanism is basically anti-God and therefore anti-Christian," he said. "I think to advocate humanism can't go unchallenged and I think it is important that people do have the opportunity to challenge that and I would appeal to Christian parents particularly to express a very strong and vocal opposition to the message of humanism.

"I feel that for a child of primary school age, humanism is not something that should be put into their mind... Unquote. Source:

Thoughout my upbringing and in my "Roman Catholic" schools, I was told that freedom of speech was good and that one is always free to challenge the ideas of the church. Now that people are doing just that and calling religious beliefs and acts of religious faith what they are, namely superstitions, we are 'militant atheists' and humanists to whom young minds should not be exposed. This from religionists like those who insisted I to go to chapel every Sunday and who had me 'receive' one hour a week of "Religious Education" which only ever promoted or (as I recall) even mentioned Christianity. So it is okay to send a child to a religiously denominated school, have "100%" faith schools and indoctrinate children into a specific brand of Christianity, but don't let them hear an opposing view from those who wish to present one in a book?!

As someone raised as a Roman Catholic, I can only say that is typical.

Religionists cannot stand the idea that Abrahamic god(s) are just as much superstition as witches and voodoo.

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