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Author Topic: Ifoms

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on: March 23, 2017, 11:24

"I'm Full Of Myself" people - Ifoms.

Another "Muslim" (or so it now appears) who is disowned by the mainstreams of his faith (the great majority of Muslims). He can't even work out what is wrong when he's driving along a pavement knocking over innocent (and maybe Muslim) people....
Brendan Cox has urged Britain not to let itself be divided by the Westminster attack, saying the assailant no more represents British Muslims than his wife’s murderer represented the people of Yorkshire...
What both attackers had in common was their willingness to be judge, jury and executioner. Neither religion nor ideology can excuse criminality, but they may induce extremists and fringe groups to commit or inspire murder.

Religion certainly doesn't help. I am anti-religion in general and anti-Islamism (as frequently expressed today) in particular, but it doesn't motivate me to do more than speak out and exercise my right to freedom of speech and expression. Everyone should have the right to freedom from religion too, but religionists who support faith schools clearly don't agree.

Islamist killers are Daesh supporters. They stand not only for superstition and sectarianism but for criminality, extreme ignorance and intolerance too.

Nous sommes tous Charlie.

Everyone is thinking of PC Palmer, the other victims and their families, not the ravings in some dimwit's head.

Like most violent crime, the perp is (reportedly) a 'he' not a 'she'.
The man who carried out the terror attack in the heart of London on Wednesday was born in Britain, had a history of extremism, and was known to police and intelligence officials.
He was shot dead by police after killing an officer with a knife in an attempted attack on the Houses of Parliament. Moments earlier he ploughed into pedestrians on Westminster bridge in a 4x4 vehicle....
"He was not part of the current intelligence picture. There was no prior intelligence of his intent or the plot. Intensive investigations continue."

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