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Author Topic: Blasphemy accusations can kill

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Blasphemy accusations can kill
on: March 24, 2017, 12:28

There is no god or allah. Mohammed, Police Be Upon Him, was a warlord and likely a paedophile. Islam is nonsense. I 'blaspheme' against some religion or other regularly but not to cause offence. I exercise such freedom of speech and expression to spread truth and expose superstition and tribalism for what they are.

Two points some people may find uncomfortable:
(1) there is some broad correlation between Islamic terrorism and the number of Muslims in a country. There's no Islamic terrorism in Japan, for example.
(2) no British Muslim (or perhaps any Muslim) has made it entirely plain that everyone is free to reject belief in god(s), including Allah, AND that people cannot blaspheme against a religion they have not freely joined above the age of consent (18).

I have little problem with number 1. Innocent Muslims cannot be directly responsible for the actions of some murderous nutter. Fools commit atrocities for a variety of reasons, not just a perception that Muslims are a group persecuted by "Islamophobes". Muslims could help by opposing blasphemy laws.

The second problem is more serious. Authoritarian Erdogan has publicly threatened that unless the EU changes its policy towards the way he governs Turkey, European citizens aren't safe....
“If you continue this way, no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets. If you clear the way to this dangerous path, you will sustain the biggest damage. We, as Turkey, call on Europe to respect human rights and democracy.” Unquote.

...the quality of the journalism often gives way to sensationalism and irresponsible reporting, and, in this case, reckless accusations of blasphemy....
"Blasphemy accusations in Pakistan lead to vigilante justice," says Khan. Unquote.

Allegations of blasphemy particularly by Muslims can kill.

"Belief" in blasphemy, particularly in "Muslim countries", directly affects freedom of speech and expression both there and where their diaspora or culture exists.

Such "Muslim beliefs" make blasphemy sound healthy, or even necessary.

Any of that offensive? It is just as wrong to take offence unduly as it is to intentionally cause offence.

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