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Author Topic: Organized religion in the news

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Organized religion in the news
on: April 11, 2017, 14:55

“The provision of pastoral support for school communities is really important,” he said. “Chaplaincy’s a good approach to that. And our evidence is that schools that have got chaplains – they play a really vital role. Unquote.
I couldn't disagree more. There's too much organized religion still in schools and too little importance attached to critical thinking and its application to religious superstitions like "The Christ" and "Prophet Mohammed".

The BBC is to close its religion and ethics television studios in Manchester and rely on outside companies to produce its content in future....the move is disturbing in wider directions. It suggests that the London-centric BBC has little interest in questions of religion and ethics – a suggestion that has grown over 20 or 30 years, symbolised first by the religious department’s move to Manchester all those years ago. Unquote.
Religion has nothing to do with ethics. It has far more to do with superstition.

Quote: is very dangerous in today’s world to misunderstand religion as a preoccupation of people who are old, strange or both, something of no interest to those happy enough to be neither. It is a misunderstanding of the way in which the great majority of the world’s population understand their own lives and ours as well. It ignores the way in which a rejection of secularism is increasingly bound up with a rejection of the norms of liberal democracy around the world. Unquote.
It isn't clear that those of us uninterested in religion/atheism are the ones who "misunderstand" how religionists view me or the world. Interesting that the author links 'rejection of the norms of liberal democracy' to 'rejection of secularism'.

Quote: Religious literacy in this wider sense is essential to understanding where we are. Unquote.
I was raised "in the faith" and have no better understanding of religion for it. As for literacy, that takes education and is not helped by "Religious Education" in segregated schools

Definition of literacy:
n. The condition or quality of being literate, especially the ability to read and write. See Usage Note at literate.
n. The condition or quality of being knowledgeable in a particular subject or field: cultural literacy; biblical literacy.

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