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Author Topic: The Focus for Humanity

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The Focus for Humanity
on: July 13, 2017, 11:10

Should humanity be focused on N Korean crackpot problems, the murder of children with chemical weapons in Syria, poverty, this...
or on Global Warming (anthropogenic or not)?

Clearly all these problems must be addressed simultaneously but what is the ultimate aim? Is it a peaceful human, global society or simply the end of extreme hunger and suffering? Should this be prioritised and halt space exploration until world peace is achieved?

There are many threats from space and not just from meteors..
We need to start preparing to occupy other planets. In a few million years this planet may be uninhabitable. That could happen in a few hundred years if we don't control global warming.

Even if we build spaceships bigger than the London Eye which spin so that we can control gravity, and even if we can accelerate them fast enough to get to a suitable exoplanet many light years away, we will still probably not find a planet similar enough to be immediately inhabitable. That means humanity must not only learn to control the planet's temperature and overall climate, we must actually gain the skills and understanding to modify a basically inhabitable world and make it habitable.

These projects: fast, dynamic spacecraft self-sustaining for generations; global temperature control; mining asteroids; and almost infinitely renewable energy and recyclable products are going to take generations to achieve. They will unite humanity in a common purpose and while pursuing these aims we will discover much that is readily useful to us on Earth. That will help us solve problems like poverty and tribal warfare. ALL the above must be pursued simultaneously.

One thing is certain: don't put religious faith in god(s) to solve it.

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