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Author Topic: Militant atheism, Daily Telegraph article.

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Militant atheism, Daily Telegraph article.
on: July 29, 2017, 11:12
It suggests militant atheists “may lack the insight to see anything positive about religion [as] they can only see that it contradicts their scientific, analytical thinking”. Unquote.

I would like to see their definition of "militant atheist". As far as I can tell that term is applied to me or anyone who contradicts religious faith, creed or dogma.

There also seems an assumption that there is something good about religion. Everyone recognises the very many good things religionists do, such as their charity work and empathy with others, but those are activities and feelings we all share.

What "militant atheists" criticise is what anyone might object to and what many religionists object to too. Examples are: faith schools; religious courts and eruvs; religiously motivated child genital mutilation; superstition; bishops in the HofLords; face coverings in certain circumstances; lack of separation of Church & State; Creationism; halal/kosher where it infringes animal rights; sectarianism; and insistence on unnecessary oaths and promises from children.

Perhaps a scientific approach can partly help to explain the behaviour of religionists and non-believers, but this article suggests the 'study' results in a few "answers" that anyone might draw from a quick view across various media.

If there's still no evidence of an Abrahamic god, what about a study on how children develop in a school where one religion is emphasised over others and above none?

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Re: Militant atheism, Daily Telegraph article.
on: July 29, 2017, 12:17

The Independent has a link to original article (behind paywall)

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Re: Militant atheism, Daily Telegraph article.
on: September 21, 2017, 08:34

My own personal theory is that religion most likely began because people were reacting to events of nature which had the power of life and death over them. Thousands of years ago their level of knowledge had not developed far enough for them to be able to understand how these, often devastating, events of nature occurred or what to do about them.

Once they decided such events were caused by some kind of mystical spirit the only thing they could think of to do was effectively suck up to them and hope they could persuade the spirits to be nice to them. Nature, of course, not being a sentient being, carried on as normal and the people then thought perhaps they had done something wrong and tried ever harder to keep these spirit gods happy with them. Over time, it bacame more and more unacceptable to upset the gods.

Nowadays, we are far more able to cope with events of nature and find ways to protect ourselves and overcome the worst of the consequences of most things. When we need a loaf of bread we can just go into any of dozens of shops and it's always there. In those days’ floods, storms, droughts, plagues etc could wipe out all their crops, wipe out all their livestock and even kill entire villages and they couldn't do a thing to stop it.

Having established that upsetting the gods was absolutely not accepted it would almost certainly have been a capital offence to upset the gods and bring down another major natural disaster.

Through the ages religion has built on this over thousands of years and come up with endless control tactics to keep people in line and ensure they continue to be "good" faithful believers. Religious leaders have further honed these skills for various purposes to keep people in line so, even today, it is still seen as highly unacceptable to offend religions or their made up gods.

Hence, anyone who thinks differently must be some kind of militant extremist.

Considering we all know that religious violence and the prejudice created by their out of date rule book has probably killed millions over the millenia and yet I have never, ever heard of a single case of an athiest ever harming a single person so this jibe that we are somehow the militants is quite frankly laughable.

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