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Author Topic: Apatheist - The God Distraction

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Apatheist - The God Distraction
on: September 29, 2017, 20:13
And who would expect witches or fairies to be 'scientifically disproved'?! So why believe there's an Abrahamic god, or any god(s) currently defined?

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Re: Apatheist - The God Distraction
on: October 17, 2017, 09:39

I was watching a video yesterday from an Indian atheist who is some type of natural scientist. He put things really well in saying that scientists are full of questions whereas theists are full of answers.

Theists don't have the will or the patience to go out searching for the real truth and instead make do with 'best guesses' and other answers that suit what they want to believe. Then they try to delude themselves that their answers are the truth.

To me, the real beauty is in knowing that we don't know everything and that we live in an ever expanding universe full of knowledge that is out there just waiting for us to go and discover it. It's actually a mind boggling thought.

I find it really sad that theists would rather bury their heads in an old book full of stories about made up gods, guessed theories about science and moral standards which are thousands of years out of date.

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