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Author Topic: Islamic countries have a death-cult problem

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Islamic countries have a death-cult problem
on: December 1, 2017, 13:44

There are no recent surveys but how much has changed in the last two to five years? Since 2010 there have been a whole host of surveys indicating that many Muslims around the world favour the death penalty for non-believers, people who drop Islamic superstition or even just "insult Islam" or insult "The Prophet".

There are maybe a billion people in the world who cannot stand to see their superstition contradicted or satirised. Fortunately, they mostly appear to murder each other over perceived transgressions.

"..One of the most often attempted corrections deals with Maher's claim that a Pew study showed “like 90%” of Egyptian Muslims support death as a punishment for leaving Islam.[2] Many who try to correct him allege that the correct Pew figure is 64%..."
I think debates like those who wonder if the correct figure is 90% or 64% miss the point - why kill anyone because they don't agree with your religious superstitions, or don't hold 'sacred' what you do?!!!

And it isn't just surveys. Such extremist attitudes encourage violence by the minority. If a tweet from egotist Trump can induce worldwide criticism that he is "inciting hatred", what about vast numbers of Muslims who openly declare non-believers should die?

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