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Author Topic: As the Humanist said to the Bishop..

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As the Humanist said to the Bishop..
on: February 10, 2018, 18:04

..This led to Bishop Keenan saying the HSS were a “tiny” group who only existed in the pages of newspapers and questioning their right to make statements on how the public are represented on such bodies...

Religionists cannot seem to open their mouths without getting their facts wrong.

Firstly, the HSS is the largest humanist organisation in Scotland (with over 8,000 members) though not the only one. There are those of us who are members of Humanists UK but not the HSS. There are also the Scottish Humanists, Caledonian ... etc.
There are also freethinkers; Skeptics-in-the-Pub; "Brights"; two secular societies and a range of other groups of non-believers (and believers) who often work with the HSS on gay rights, education and other issues. HSS celebrants participate in more weddings than the RC Church (apart from all the other secular weddings) so forget "tiny". There are more people of no religion than Roman Catholics in Scotland...
According to one poll in 2011, 42% of Scots didn't believe in any god.

Secondly, nobody is "lecturing". Religionists still have automatic seats on what are supposed to be democratic, inclusive education committees. South Lanarkshire chose to appoint a Creationist to one of those seats and are quite unapologetic about it.

Thirdly, humanist societies are generally anti-religion in the sense that they support separation of Church and State; equality for women and LGBTQs; Women's right to choose; inclusiveness; and so forth. That is in everyone's interests, Roman Catholic or otherwise. Humanist (and secularists) oppose faith schools and clerical privilege. Being anti-religious on those points seems strikingly healthy. There is nothing wrong with being anti-religious. The Bishop sounds quite anti-HSS, it is how one promotes one is "anti" that counts. I think the HSS is far more responsible than the RC church in Scotland. That Church promotes superstitions and does its charity work through its own organisation. It would be better doing it in a more secular way...

At least drop faith schools. Children should be educated together.

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