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Author Topic: Changing Name. Goodbye, Rajveer. Hello, RV155677820

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Changing Name. Goodbye, Rajveer. Hello, RV155677820
on: March 22, 2018, 07:42

The problem is the proposed name: 'Goodbye, Rajveer. Hello, RV155677820'

Wants to change his name so that nobody can infer his religion or lack of it...
It doesn't seem very practical though and surely people might guess he has no religion from his ridiculous name? Why else would he have it? Anyway, his non-belief is published now.

Why not simply choose a name he likes? There seems nothing wrong with a name that's traditional and most are associated with one religion or another. Who cares? Atheism is just disbelief in god(s) so there are no atheist names, per se.

I suppose Gus, Guy, Troy, Darwin, Davis, Maddock, Jock and (for girls) Dawn and Darwina might be okay? I don't associate any of those with a religion. I'm inclined to think there have to be some rules for what name a person can choose.

Everyone should have the right to change their name. It relies on everyone else's cooperation though, so one has to give some thought to them. Thoughtful people will cooperate readily. They don't have to like the name. One cannot please everyone and we all know people with names that aren't to our taste, but surely folk shouldn't be expected to remember and use a long number in order to address an individual.

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