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Author Topic: MGM on the NHS and Persecution

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MGM on the NHS and Persecution
on: April 5, 2018, 21:40

What can be done about this?..
..The conservative al-Nour party in Egypt filed a blasphemy claim against Gaber, and there’s a good chance the attorney general will have him arrested in the next couple of days. He sent the following message to his supporters on Patreon, which one of them forwarded to me:

… if i [am arrested,] that means i’ll be sentenced to at least 5 years in prison. for those who don’t know i’ve been already arrested to 1 year with hard labor in 2013 for just defending homosexuality. imagine the charges that will be against me this time.

I don’t know what to say really.. but i’m worried this time. i don’t know what i should do.. even if i wanted to go out of egypt now that will cost and will take at least a month and even by then it’s not guaranteed.

The al-Nour party is a hard-line Islamist political group that want to implement Sharia Law and works closely with the country’s President/dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Unquote.
Prince Charles recently made an Easter speech talking about oppression of Christian minorities. Non-believers are being routinely jailed and threatened with execution in some countries. There have been a string of attacks in Bangladesh by religious fanatics.

The Home Office doesn't even understand what humanism is!....
The Home Office has rejected a claim for asylum on the grounds that the claimant, when asked to name ancient Greek philosophers who were humanists, did not name Plato and Aristotle.. Unquote.

Religionists insist on faith school segregation and keep clerical privileges like those in the House of Lords while non-believers are ignored or persecuted without mention. Perhaps this is why?....
The Conservative MP [Mr Arbuthnot] made the claims in a parliamentary debate and likened [being an atheist] to Tories having to pretend not to be gay. Unquote

It is okay for politicians to spread superstition through faith schools, to indoctrinate children and not to oppose the circumcision of boys (mgm) which is sometimes obtainable on the NHS...
NHS trusts fund circumcision for non-medical reasons, because the risks outweigh the potential health benefits. However, sometimes religious or cultural male circumcision is offered on the NHS, as it is safer than the circumcision being carried out elsewhere. Unquote.
I object to this complicity altogether, but it is even worse when done at taxpayer expense.

And the Prime Minister T May talks of "bringing people together after Brexit"?! After Brexit? What about after supporting child genital mutilation and religious segregation?!

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