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Author Topic: Some problems with Hinduism

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Some problems with Hinduism
on: April 30, 2018, 10:34
..India is on track to become a significant world power in 30 years and Hindu Nationalism is on the rise there.... Unquote.

A non-believer from India who is a Brahman Hindu explained his problem on Atheist Experience recently (aired 29 Apr 2018)...
He explained that as the eldest son he was expected to do things on a daily and monthly basis when certain people die. He has to perform rituals at the service, so the Atheist Experience guys suggested he just do that for the sake of relationships and respect for others, putting his own feelings second. That wasn't the problem. Some of these rituals have to be performed for up to 11 days before the funeral and for the rest of the eldest son's life! Failure to carry them out properly can affect the deceased's Karma and so affect how he will be reincarnated (as another life form like a horse or a human).

And people still think religion is "harmless"...
(Credulous Minds song)

steven k-
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Re: Some problems with Hinduism
on: January 8, 2020, 14:59

Of all the religions Hinduism is the oldest and the Wackiest. I saw this myself when bumming around India on the 80s . Adults worshipping idols . I mean really getting down on their stomachs and grovelling to a knob shaped stone . Belief on flying monkeys. Men with elephant heads. Your soul travelling to the moon when you die . Thousands of Gods and an entire nation living in a supernatural dreamworld. No wonder they cant sort out their plumbing.

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