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Author Topic: Efficient Philanthropy AND a Healthy Society

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Efficient Philanthropy AND a Healthy Society
on: June 5, 2018, 16:34

The links are provided for convenience or evidence, if required...

From the
DONORS to charities rarely make the sort of cost-benefit calculations investors, for example, would think obligatory. So charities attract donations with pictures of smiling gap-toothed children, rather than spreadsheets showing how they actually spend their money....
...Yet advances in social science, particularly in development economics, mean donors can now have a reasonably good idea of how far each dollar will go
...CEP’s mission is to provide data and create insight so philanthropic funders can better define, assess, and improve their effectiveness — and, as a result, their intended impact.
Effective altruism is about answering one simple question: how can we use our resources to help others the most?

I post the links above because, like most people, I try to help charities and I attempt to assess the most 'bang for buck'. Searching "Most Efficient Charities UK" will give results such as:

However, I also want membership of humanist, Skeptic, freethinking, secular and scientific organisations and to support their efforts.

One religionist asked me about how much AtheismUK cost. Becoming a supporter is free.

What is the cost of leaving organised religions with full time, paid clerics, researchers and staff for Parliamentary lobbying groups without any secular or humanist voice? (There aren't many MPs with science or tech degrees).

Some people say "nobody I vote for ever gets elected", or they complain of right-wing Tories or "Lefty Labour" but there is also a price to pay for non-participation in politics. The young seem to lose out due to 'old people vote' being a truism. I live in Scotland and while independence may not have majority support the (generally relatively younger) SNP MSPs are very popular compared with their older LibLabCon colleagues. Almost all Conservatives are still superstitious...
(2015 article)

Charitable giving of time and financial resources is important, but so are other matters. There are prices to be paid for failure to counter religionists' actions - actions such as spreading superstition, Faith (sectarian) schools, child genital mutilation (circumcision), Creationism, religious courts (that might undermine one law for all), ritual animal sacrifice (where it conflicts with animal rights), religious radicalism, and so forth. (There is a long list!)

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