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Author Topic: United Atheists of Europe - Tunisia

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United Atheists of Europe - Tunisia
on: June 11, 2018, 20:46

UAE - I wonder if they considered the initials of United Atheists of Europe when choosing a name?

Anyway, we hear all about Syria and Lybia in our bomb-chasing media, but what about all the successful democracies? Perhaps democracy might progress better if we concentrated on the successes instead of the failures. In Tunisia, they are not only struggling to build a functioning democracy but are challenging religious superstition and dogma too...
Amari said, “I started to have doubts about religion during the high school. I noticed that my colleagues in the high school were praying, but my family’s members were not. This is when I started thinking about the purpose of prayers and religion and the existence of God in general. Then I completely lost my faith in God during the 10th class identifying myself as an atheist.”

Then he and a friend, Karrar Al Asfoor, founded a social fraternity for atheists entitled United Atheists of Europe with an intention to unify the efforts of the atheist community throughout Europe.

“It is to bring the European atheists to work together with the ex-Muslim community for a secular world,” Amari explained, “In the meantime, it is considered a small-sized social fraternity, but it’s open for every atheist who is interested to join. Our future goals are to have the effective means to challenge religions and protecting secularism in Europe and to empower atheists in the Islamic world pushing it into secularism there.”
Why do we concern ourselves so much with Islamic countries who despise liberal principles and universal values while associating them, including political democracy, with "Western countries"? This association apparently discredits secular principles in their eyes because "we" are ex-colonialists. Meanwhile, people struggle almost unnoticed in places like Tunisia and Sierra Leone to make secularism and democracy work.

The tribalism, especially the Islamism and Zionism, needs to stop. Humanity needs to make secular political principles work for us all, whether they are western or not.

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