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Author Topic: The Struggle for a Secular Society

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The Struggle for a Secular Society
on: June 27, 2018, 19:45



Religionists talk of "militant atheists" but there is a struggle for secularism in British Society. Anyone who believes in one-law-for-all should probably support their local Secular group. It is a valuable source of news as to what well-funded religious groups are up to.

Our future King wants to be "Defender of Faiths" and the generation after him seem no more enlightened. From (2012):
Overall, a third (33%) of British adults do not believe in God or a greater spiritual power of any kind – roughly the same number as believe in “a God” (32%). The rest either believe in a higher power but not a God (20%) or don’t know what they believe (14%).

Forget reflecting secular society and so much for 33% or more of Brits...
The decline of superstition has nothing to do with 2016 being a 'bad year', of course. It has more to do with yet more information that there are no such things as gods or fairies and prayers don't work...

Faith in god(s) offers no future for humanity, only sectarian divisions and superstitions...
"...Other ‘religious courts’, most notably Sharia councils and Jewish beth din, do not have any status in UK law. Any judgment they pass is not binding upon the individuals involved and does not override rulings made by national courts. These ‘courts’ often interpret the ‘law’ in term of their religious doctrine, including affording an inferior status to women. There is substantial evidence that women are not treated equally in these ‘courts’ and that spousal or family cohesion is permitted to influence judgments, particularly in relation to claims of domestic violence and inheritance. There have been reported instances of vulnerable women from religious communities being led to believe that ‘religious courts’ have legal standing when granting child custody following the breakdown of a marriage. We support the work of women’s organisations highlighting and working on these issues." Source:

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