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Author Topic: Encourage believers to tell the truth about exactly what they believe

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Encourage believers to tell the truth about exactly what they believe
on: July 29, 2018, 22:08

This intelligent interviewer for Al-Jazeera said he believes that Mohammed went to Heaven on a winged horse. He believes in revelation and miracles...
(14:30 mins into the video)

Here religionists tell the non-believer to "see a psychiatrist" and dismiss him from the studio...
(There was a sequel to this, by the way)...

One religionist said to me, "The Resurrection [of the Christ] really happened. It's documented" !!

Another said to someone I know, "I like religion because I don't have to think" !!

It is always good to exchange ideas!

Perhaps this is how best to undermine religious beliefs, and convictions. Most people will reject religion when they see what religionists truly believe and the behaviour such convictions induce.

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Re: Encourage believers to tell the truth about exactly what they believe
on: July 29, 2018, 22:55

The guy might have had a chance to speak if the host came with a mute button. This is blind religious belief at its worst and most damaging. How do you overcome this? We just need more and more people as courageous as that young guy. Then we need them to grow in knowledge and confidence. Then they need a vehicle for their opinions where they aren’t going to be silenced by mad men.

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Re: Encourage believers to tell the truth about exactly what they believe
on: July 30, 2018, 17:01

Many people are speaking out, even in the Middle East. There are atheist and humanist groups everywhere they are tolerated in Africa. There is a humanist group in Israel and in Singapore. Even in places like Bangladesh and Indonesia...

I laughed at Egypt in recent years when the Sisi government announced that there were only 866 atheist in the country, (pop 99 million). The next I heard the government was debating whether to make atheism illegal. What is someone supposed to do if they don't believe a god exists?!! It sometimes seems as if religionists can simply turn what they believe to be true on or off at will and assume others can do so too.
From Newsweek, May2018..
Lawmakers in Egypt are seriously considering passing a law that would make atheism illegal.
Blasphemy is already illegal in Egypt, and people are frequently arrested for insulting or defaming religion under the country’s strict laws. The newly proposed rule would make it illegal for people not to believe in God, even if they don’t talk about it.
"The phenomenon [of atheism] is being promoted in society as freedom of belief, when this is totally wrong," Amro Hamroush, head of Egypt’s Parliament’s committee on religion, said when he introduced the bill in late December.
“[Atheism] must be criminalized and categorized as contempt of religion because atheists have no doctrine and try to insult the Abrahamic religions,” he wrote in the local daily paper Al-Shorouq.

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Re: Encourage believers to tell the truth about exactly what they believe
on: January 16, 2019, 15:29

For the past few years, whenever I have seen christards out on the street attempting to convert people to their particular brand of stupidity, I have tackled their beliefs head on. I have, for example, pointed out to them how many people christards have raped, pillaged, enslaved, tortured and murdered in order to establish their supposedly peaceful and accepting religion. I have pointed out the stupidity in the belief of noah's flood, the exodus and the immaculate conception and how unlikely it is that zombie jesus ever existed.

Really, these people don't want to know what the logic dictates nor how lacking these fairy tales are in proof. They just want to believe what they want to believe and are brainwashed in that respect.

Keep on at them though and they become quite irrational and threatening. I've been threatened with violence on more than one occasion by christards.

They have called the police, on occasions, in an attempt to have me removed from a public space - all to no avail.

The only long-term defence against christards, and religtards in general, is the education of our young. That said, a 2010 survey showed that the average age of a bum on a christard pugh was 61. An unofficial 2015 survey done in Cambridge showed that the average age of a bum on a christard pugh was 70+. In 2017, a survey showed that 53% of the UK do not believe in a god. Therefore, the other option is to prevent christards from infiltrating our schools in order to convert our young to their madness and then to just sit and patiently wait for the current herd of christards to expire. However, given the trend towards Atheism that the UK is showing, chistards, and relitards in general, will become more and more marginalised with time. They will also become a curiosity of a bygone age when Man knew no better and when christardologists forced their brand of stupidity on the populace through the enactment of laws whose punishment was death.

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