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Author Topic: Humanist progress and atheist blogs

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Humanist progress and atheist blogs
on: August 26, 2018, 21:52

Here's a blog on Atheism I had missed until now...

HumanistsUK say, "In just 12 years, legal humanist marriages have already transformed Scottish society - overtaking Church of Scotland weddings in popularity. They're also increasingly popular in the Republic of Ireland, and recently made legal in Jersey. We're campaigning strenuously for the same rights in England and Wales and the rest of these isles as well." Unquote.

Don't identify as atheist or humanist? How about 'freethinker'?...

Then there are the unfortunately named Brights...
"bright (noun): someone whose worldview is naturalistic (no supernatural and mystical elements)."
It doesn't mean that proponents claim to be particularly bright. It exemplifies the fact that once an idea is established in the public consciousness, it cannot easily be eliminated even if it obviously should be expunged. In my experience, Brights are a few humanists cantankerous about identifying as humanist or atheist - plus anyone who wants to join in.

Skeptics-in-the-Pub, National Secular Society meetings and philosophical societies are usually good meetups for non-believers too.

The Atheist Church was quite fun, while it lasted. The Sunday Assembly didn't catch on but it was another experiment to replace the superstitious ramblings of clergy with something more substantial...
..The Sunday Assembly certainly did better business than at the evangelical St Jude and St Paul's Church next door, where about 30 believers gathered to sing gospel songs and listen to Bible readings.
But Bishop Harrison, a Christian preacher for 30 years, says he does not see his new neighbours as a threat, confidently predicting that their spiritual journey will eventually lead them to God. "They have got to start from somewhere," he says.

Bless him! ­čÖé

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