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Author Topic: God takes credit for this?

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God takes credit for this?
on: August 30, 2018, 23:38

I regularly wonder at the complexity and variety of nature. Even as an Atheist I can enjoy the beauty of the flowers that I spend so much time tending in my garden. I often bathe in the awe of watching the bees flitting from flower to flower in my watermelon patch and knowing that the Citrullus lanatus is a member of the Cucurbitaceae family and therefore has both male and female flowers only adds to the experience. As the season wears on I see the soil fluff up as the ants invade and I watch the perfection of the leaves become marred by the steady erosion caused by the larvae of attacking insects. My beautiful Morning Glory plants suffer terribly as the invertebrate slugs and snails appear from nowhere and attack it. But this evil, I know, is part of the wonder of nature. Slugs and snails, I have witnessed, are one of many animals that feed on pure excreta and break it down to be borne back into the soil to fertilise the plants that shall grow to be eaten and turned once again into … well you can see the circle of life. So I get it. When you look at this small part of nature, who wouldn’t want to take credit for it. But before the religious wholeheartedly jump on the “nature is so wonderful it can only be created by our God” hay ride, may I bring your attention to the fact that so many members of the nature you wish to usurp, target God’s greatest creation - mankind.

There is a commonly regurgitated story of a parasite whose entire lifecycle is to infect a child’s eye and eat its way out from the centre. This may be somewhat apocryphal but there are plenty of parasites that do blind adults in huge numbers annually. I’m sure we’ve all watched in morbid fascination the youtube video where a doctor slowly pulls a worm out from the human eye. Intelligent design would have us believe that this wonderful organ of sight was designed by God for his ultimate creation mankind while knowing it was vulnerable to a whole host of diseases and creepy-crawlies. Just as an aside on the topic of intelligent design and the eye, where’s my ability to see infra-red and ultra-violet? Other creations of God have this and being able to see heat would certainly seem useful for house-fires and such and why oh why as I pass the halfway mark of my life do I now need glasses just to read my phone screen? But I digress. Then you have the horrible though not fatal bot flies whose larvae grow under human (all mammals) skin until they are fat enough to crawl out. Living my first five years in Africa, barefoot, I was lucky never to get bilharzia where the parasite can go unnoticed for many years while it steadily damages your internal organs.

Now as an Atheist I can sit here and still wonder at the variety and complexity of life knowing full well that within the theory of evolution, the creation of such nasties is clearly explained. But can you, that believe in a kind, caring, loving God who created mankind in his own image, truly believe for one moment that your God created all of this?

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Re: God takes credit for this?
on: August 31, 2018, 17:23

And the 'this' you mention is just one point in one solar system, in one galaxy....

Welcome to AtheismUK John, and thanks for your comments. "Even as an Atheist I can enjoy the beauty of the flowers ..."
"Even"? I find nature fascinating, [i]especially[i] as a non-believer in the supernatural. I'm not really a gardener but feel the same about slugs.

And I'm afraid the eye thing isn't apocryphal...
The scary part (as if having your eye eaten from the inside out wasn't scary enough) is how she caught it. Doctors told Greaney that she'd probably contracted the microscopic parasite through contaminated tap water that got into her contact lens.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the microscopic parasite is "found worldwide in the environment in water and soil" and you can pick it up by breathing it in, getting it in cuts or via contact lenses. Most people will come into contact with it at some point -- without getting sick. The bad news is if you do, it causes a condition called Acanthamoeba keratitis, which "can result in permanent visual impairment or blindness." Source:

There is so much to wonder at. The observable Universe is 46 bn light years in all directions, suggesting it is far more extensive than that. Not a bad expanse in just 13.8 bn Earth years!

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Re: God takes credit for this?
on: September 27, 2018, 21:35

Absolutely. My "Even as an Atheist" was principally ironic as so many Theists seem to question how Atheists can look in awe or be inspired without feeling God was the creator. These are the same Theists who believe morality can only come from belief in the biggest bully in heaven!

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