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Author Topic: The value of lost minds

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The value of lost minds
on: September 24, 2018, 15:17

In Economics there is a factor known as “opportunity cost” which, in rough terms, means that investing in one thing necessarily causes a potential loss through not investing in another thing which might provide more profit or benefit.
When people talk about Theism being principally benign and that Atheists, or more fairly Humanists, should follow a laissez faire attitude they are missing this key factor. Theism is not simply the teaching of what Atheists believe to be unfounded facts or beliefs, it is, by its very nature, teaching irrational thinking and where the search for knowledge stops through the use of the ‘God of the gaps’ there is a huge potential cost to not only the individual but humanity. Every young mind brought up in that environment misses the chance, during a period of their life when their mind is most capable of learning, to understand and become attuned with critical thinking to the level at which it becomes natural.
In small ways, such opportunity loss, is bad enough for the individual who has to exist in the world of reality with their best tool incapable of proper and valid reasoning but on a much bigger scale, the loss to humanity is incalculable. Every mind that reaches adulthood without the ability to reason and think critically could have been the next Nobel Prize winning physicist or Medical researcher. The children currently living under religion are akin to the Amazon rainforest as each could be the next cure for cancer.
So when asked why you care so much that people follow religion, ask the questioner if they have ever considered the opportunity cost.

Atheism UK-
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Re: The value of lost minds
on: September 25, 2018, 16:01

Analytical thinking does make people less reliant on System 1 intuitive reasoning showed Will Gervais and Ara Norenzaya. "Encouraging people to think analytically reduced their tendency to believe in God."

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