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Author Topic: Faith is not a dirty word

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Faith is not a dirty word
on: September 27, 2018, 21:27

Matt Dillahunty defines faith as the belief in something without good reason. It is totally understandable to use this definition because it most aptly describes how Theists use the word but as an Atheist I wish to use the word faith myself as I feel it applies to me and my beliefs regarding certain aspects of the natural world.

For instance, the big bang is the most accurate representation of how the universe was formed, evolution along with abiogenesis is the most accurate description of the origin and evolution of species and though I have a general understanding of them I will never understand them fully enough to truly believe them as a fact, principally because I have better things to do than become an astrophysicist or biologist just to win an argument with a Theist. However, I have faith in scientists and the scientific method to research these matters using a method that reduces erroneous theories as much as possible and provides the best results for understanding the universe. Where this differs from the Theist perspective and use of the word faith is that their faith is UNFOUNDED resulting as it does from the various fallacies commonly used such as God of the gaps and assumption from ignorance. My faith is FOUNDED upon reasonable trust in the integrity of scientists and their adherence to the guiding and regulatory influence of the scientific method.

So let us reclaim the use of the word faith and instead differentiate our faith from theirs by use of the once common addition of the word ‘unfounded’.

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