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Author Topic: The Stone Age Bible

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The Stone Age Bible
on: September 28, 2018, 01:56

Strictly speaking, the age during which the bible is set and reportedly written was late iron age or early Roman age. This is why Atheists often refer to the bible as being written by iron age people for iron age people using iron age knowledge and morality. However, I would like to put forward an argument for the bible actually being stone age.

In the bible (international version) there are 326 references to stone and only 90 to iron. The majority of these stone related passages discuss the finding of stones in fields, the use of stones as pillars and occasionally pillows (times were tough back then). Many references are made to dressed stone, some in a good light and some in a bad. For anyone like me who remembers the Simpsons episode, blessed are the stonecutters (those who create dressed stone) about which there are six passages.

But most worryingly of all, there are 51 mentions of stone with reference to it being the weapon of choice. It mattered not if the recipient was a bull, a pregnant woman, an unruly child, a bad wife or an enemy of your clan – got a problem? Stone ‘em! If you want to get really fancy you can even put one in a sling. Perhaps you get a better range or accuracy. Who knows?

So taking all this into account, I suggest to you, good reader, that the bible was far more entrenched in the use of stone than it ever was in the use of iron.

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