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Author Topic: Mr Atheist chats to Mr Theist about creation

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Mr Atheist chats to Mr Theist about creation
on: September 28, 2018, 03:01

Mr Atheist (MrA) : “So let me see if I have got this straight. God made Eden?”
Mr Theist (MrT) : “Yup.”
MrA : “Fully grown trees and bushes and stuff?”
MrT : “Yup.”
MrA : “So he made it ‘with age’.”
MrT : “Exactly.”
MrA : “God made Adam?”
MrT : “Yup.”
MrA : “From mud?”
MrT : “Well, dust.”
MrA : “OK dust. And then he makes Eve?”
MrT : “Yup.”
MrA : “From one of Adam’s ribs?”
MrT : “Yup.”
MrA : “Was he out of dust? Don’t answer that. And Adam and Eve were already adults so they could create the rest of mankind?”
MrT : “Well yes, from their progeny.”
MrA : “So incest was not an issue? I suppose as he hadn’t etched the commandments by then it wasn’t illegal?”
MrT : “It’s complicated. You need to learn about endogamy.”
MrA : “Endogamy? Marrying rellies? OK, fair enough. Anyway, skipping forward a few years. God decides he needs to deal with sin again so he decides that Jesus is the answer.”
MrT : “A simplification but to some degree accurate.”
MrA : “So he finds Mary.”
MrT : “Yup.”
MrA : “Married to Joseph?”
MrT : “Yup.”
MrA : “And she’s a virgin?”
MrT : “Yup.”
MrA : “So their marriage had not been consecrated?”
MrT : “Umm.”
MrA : “So God sneaks in before Joseph and inseminates her?”
MrT : “Not sure about ‘sneaks in’ but yes he inseminates her.”
MrA : “Without breaking her hymen?”
MrT : “Umm.”
MrA : “Now THERE is your bonafide miracle. Anyway, so she gives birth to Jesus, God’s son?”
MrT : “Yup.”
MrA : “And after a few years of preaching, miracles, fishing with the lads and catering several large get-togethers he gets crucified?”
MrT : “You’re skimming over a lot of stuff but principally, yup.”
MrA : “And he dies, gets put in a crypt for a couple of days then pulls a Houdini and reappears all alive again?”
MrT : “Again, principally yes.”
MrA : “If God could make the earth ‘with age’ and make an adult Adam from dust … why did he mess with Mary and Joseph?”
MrT : “Umm.”

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