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Author Topic: Islamists are not "real" Muslims?

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Islamists are not "real" Muslims?
on: November 23, 2018, 21:06

From Atheist Republic... "The British singer, once-One Direction member, Zayn Malik, was the celebrity many Muslims especially Pakistani ones, liked to claim as their own because he had a father who was a Pakistani Muslim and his family appears to be Muslim. In an interview to British Vogue, Zayn was asked if he would call himself a Muslim. His reply was, "No, I wouldn't". He added that he thinks religious beliefs are a very personal matter between the person and whatever they choose to believe and that he doesn't like talking about them because it can lead to a lot of trouble. Some of his fans are canceling him. "..

Zayn Malik (in the video) highlights the difference between a believer who doesn't practice and a non-believer. There is a third category - apostate - one who did believe and then "lost [religious] faith". (Losing faith is theological babble for changing one's mind or opinion). In theory (and there are so very many theories of Islam), non-believers are not subject to execution. That is reserved for apostates and some sinners. Believers face hell if they don't practice, practice too little, or practice incorrectly. Apparently, it is possible (Zayn says) that Hell may only be a period of time, after which sins are 'paid for'. As a Roman Catholic, I understood that a soul went to Heaven or Hell when a person died, indefinitely. If a baby hadn't been baptised, "it" was held indefinitely in Purgatory. I think it is interesting that religionists believe that time continues in the afterlife and after Armageddon or The Day of Judgement.

"....Of course, in this story there are righteous Muslims to be proud of as well. They include the Supreme Court judges, whose prudent decision that saved Ms. Bibi noted the Prophet Muhammad’s tolerance for Christians. They include Punjabi politician Salman Taser, who stood up for Ms. Bibi in 2011, only to be assassinated for that by his own bodyguard. They include three British imams, who recently joined the campaign to grant asylum to Ms. Bibi in Britain.

In other words, the militant Islamists who want to kill all blasphemers, real or perceived, do not define Islam. But they do define a fanatic, ferocious, dangerous strain within Islam."

I again mention Halal/Kosher, religious courts, child genital mutilation ("circumcision").....

How much gibberish, tribalism and violence have to be generated before people see religion for what it is?!

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