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Author Topic: Why do only Muslims get so aggressive when you criticise rilegion?

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Why do only Muslims get so aggressive when you criticise rilegion?
on: November 29, 2018, 23:02

Hi everyone, wanna share one my stories. i been bullied by savage muslims and they even threatened to kill me many times. example below

Jakir Hussain Bastad your dream will never come true.we will do sharya law and hizab stay you we kill you kaiser and you go jahannam
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Kaizer Rahman
Kaizer Rahman Keep dreaming and yes it will happen
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Joe Tyler Derden Walker
Joe Tyler Derden Walker Why do people that claim they are of a religion of peace always say they are going to kill people XD .. still worth a scream shot tho XD
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Craig Webb
Craig Webb Full of words bro you have been wanting to kill kaizer for a long time now. What are you waiting for?
You can’t even pit your picture on your profile.
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Kaizer Rahman

Write a reply...

Michael Roche
Michael Roche i think some one needs to spell
Helal Khan কুকুরের ছেলেটি পবিত্র কুরআনের অসম্মান করেছে....
আমরা তাকে জাহান্নামে পাঠাবো.
ভাইয়েরা এই বিরুদ্ধে প্রতিবাদ করুন দয়া করে HussainAbdur RahimAme TomarMd Quddos HowladerSumon KhanMd Samsu Jaman DuduFaruk FarukMd GiasMd BillalMD ShomratMahabub AlamMd KhanAme TomarSohel HossenNehareka KhanSumon Khan
The boy of the dog has disrespect the holy Qur ' an....
We will send him to hell.
Brothers protest against this please hussain Abdur Rahim Ame Tomar Md Quddos Howlader Sumon Khan Md Samsu Jaman Dudu Faruk Faruk Md Gias Md Billal Md Shomrat Mahabub Alam…See more
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Kaizer Rahman
Kaizer Rahman losers....still commenting
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Jakir Hussain
Jakir Hussain bastard time to kill you and your all family
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Joe Tyler Derden Walker replied · 3 Replies
Masum Billah
Masum Billah শূকর আমরা তোকে মেরে ফেলব
Pig we will kill you


Three Legs-
and a-
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Re: Why do only Muslims get so aggressive when you criticise rilegion?
on: January 11, 2019, 09:10

Belief in supernatural deities and the like is just that - A BELIEF. The road to acceptance, because we BELIEVE, rather than because there is PROOF, is a slippery one indeed, not to mention an illogical one. People believe in the god of the bible but dismiss the gods of the past such as Osiris and Odin. Why? It is no more logical to believe in the god of the bible than any other past or present gods. There's no more proof for the god of the bible than any of the past gods. Anyone who believes anything without a modicum of proof, by definition, cannot be very intelligent. Otherwise, they wouldn't believe. Indeed, many studies have shown that the IQ of the average Atheist is above that of the average theist.

If we accept because we believe, then why don't we believe in the giant flying spaghetti monster, fairies at the bottom of the garden and rocking horse droppings? Where does such nonsense end?

The people that believe in a deity do so on an emotional, rather than on a logical, basis, even though they 'claim' that there is proof for the existence of their particular deity. They point to their respective holy book as proof of their particular deity's existence, failing to understand that their proof, in fact, is somewhat circular.

Basically, you are dealing with people who think in an emotional, rather than in a logical, manner. Further, you are attempting to analyse, by asking logical questions, their behaviour. Clearly, this is invalid, since emotions are not subject to the rules of logic.

The religious zealots, of which you write, act the way they do because they are emotionally-driven and emotions are not subject to the rules of logic. Asking why they act the way they do, in this case, is therefore a pointless question. They act the way they do because they are emotionally-driven. That, I suspect, is as far as logical analysis can go.

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