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Author Topic: What is "normal"? Animal cruelty?

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What is "normal"? Animal cruelty?
on: January 24, 2019, 12:47

An age-old Hindu tradition in Karnataka decorate cows with garlands and bells and then make them walk over fire. They believe that this will ensure good fortune and protect them from harm... Source:

Camel "wrestling"...
...This tradition is over 2400 years old [which makes it okay?] and every year more and more tourists are joining in the show as they get to learn about this rather unique and odd tradition...

The Camel Wrestling Festival in Selcuk, Turkey

"allthat'" refers to "captivating photos" of camel fights. Apparently, it involves the animals biting each others' toes, which the human instigators need to mitigate or control.

People talk of controlling immigration. It isn't a matter of "Islamophobia" or "banning a religion" or banning a nationality. It is important that people share essentially the same values. Are people who indulge in animal fights wanted in the UK under any circumstances?

Quote: One of the main excuses some people use today in attempt to justify the evil act of voting for a person to make law on one’s behalf is that the majority of Muslim scholars say it is allowed to vote, and some even go further saying it is a religious duty. (I can't recommend you visit this site, but here is the source quoted:
This, like every other so-called argument used to justify voting for man to play the role of God and make law, is entirely flawed and can never be used as an excuse to associate partners with Allah by choosing a lawmaker besides Him....

Also from this Islamist site, there is babble about "Taaghoot". Like all sick cults, Islamists have their own lexicon, quote, "“And We have indeed sent to every nation a Messenger (saying to his people): ‘Worship Allaah alone and avoid the Taaghoot (false deities).’” [Soorah an-Nahl: 36.]

As for the description of Rejecting the Taaghoot, then it is that you believe in the futility of worshipping other than Allaah..."

That is interesting as it may appear to suppose that the Abrahamic god of Christians or Jews isn't Allah. Put another way, Allah isn't (the Christian/Jewish) God. It isn't just that non-believers have the "wrong" religion, they have the "wrong god". Naturally, the writer is unaware of his confusion of mind. That may be a necessary state for belief in any supernatural power.

People (however peaceful) who regard western style democracy as involving an "evil act" against "His" law are surely inimical to the very functioning and security of a secular, democratic society?

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