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Author Topic: Individualism vs collectivism.

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Individualism vs collectivism.
on: May 12, 2019, 15:34

As an atheist i pride myself on my individuality and espouse it whenever possible. This naturally leads me to oppose the goals of collective rights for religious organizations and groups but also it leads me to stand against other non-religious ideas and stances that are deeply rooted in collectivism.

This i feel leads to great divides within the atheist community as a whole and needs to be discussed frankly and openly to try and minimize the damage it cause and to understand everyone's standpoints on it. My goal in creating this post is to open up discussion and so build bridges.

First i want to lay out what i feel these non-religious collectivist ideas are so people can understand where i'm coming from and why i feel they are negative to society. collectivist ideas i feel value the rights of groups above that of the rights of individuals. you see this most prominently in the dominant culture at most universities today in which policies are crafted to prioritize certain group identifies over other people to try and create a more equal society normally at the expense of egalitarianism and equality of opportunity. A perfect example of this is how universities score applicants who want to do a course at the university. depending on the race, sex, gender identity and other boxes they will either lower or rise the required grade they need to be admitted to the course. This is at the excuse of trying to make things fairer for students of certain groups but from an individualistic perspective discriminates against certain individuals based on arbitrary characteristics that they cannot control. I would argue this is unjust and discriminatory.

This is just one example but I hope it can illustrate my thoughts on why basing groups rights over individual rights is wrong and hope people can create an interesting and reasonable discussion.

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Re: Individualism vs collectivism.
on: May 13, 2019, 15:23

Too true. Another (very different) example is faith schools. Polls consistently show that about 2 in 3 British people don't want them, but politicians run scared of the power of religious lobbies, such as the Catholic Parliamentary Office. James Arbuthnot MP famously said that he could only openly state his atheism when he left the Tory Party. In those cases, the collective power of organised religion or political party manage to nullify the wishes of the clear majority.

Even today, the latest poll in the USA indicates that only 60% of USAmericans would vote for an atheist for President.

Yes, individuality mustn't be subsumed by collectivism.

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