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Author Topic: Dont get involved in what is going on in other peoples minds - understand instead

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Dont get involved in what is going on in other peoples minds - understand instead
on: July 4, 2019, 18:46

I have long thought that the only thing all criminals have in common is a lack of empathy. Then I found these videos...

The Dangerous Few

I don't think they mean all children with ADD or ADHD are likely to become criminals. It may appear that way from one of the videos, at times, but it is more complicated than that.

83,000 Brain Scans, One Lesson

What 'criminal' means varies, but I mean it in the general sense of 'knowing one when you see one'. It is important to understand that the number and nature of crimes varies from one decade to another. For example, homosexual physical relationships were once illegal. Some violence that was once regarded as taking responsibility for one's wife is now considered domestic violence. Acceptable disciplining of a child with corporal punishment is now often considered abuse. The 'community of ideas' (as historians refer to it) is constantly changing - or evolving. So, the law defines who is a criminal and who isn't and that steadily changes.

I hope that soon all religiously motivated child genital mutilation will be criminalised. (At this point it can happen on the NHS!)

In my experience, religionists tend to see punishment and consequences as the main determinants of human morality - an eye for an eye, or turn the other cheek. Critical thinking and scientific method are better tools to analyse the causes of behaviour than dogma, creed, religious "teaching", or faith school "ethos".

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