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Author Topic: Know the right time

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Know the right time
on: August 25, 2019, 18:53

Doesn't a world that is universally connected need one universal time? Airlines now work to GMT.

I think this explains it well...

(7 mins)

But for those who prefer written prose....
(You may actually find the utube version quicker or clearer)

I think we all (not just the non-believers) want an inclusive, rational world. This requires making changes throughout our lives and change is something humans tend to resist. This matter is especially important in a world changing increasingly rapidly. Change is best embraced and managed, not imposed or resisted.

Progress requires change and change must be managed intelligently. It is intelligent to simplify the complicated (as thinkers and scientists do), not to complicate the simple (as religionists do with their creeds and theologies).

This reminds me of the move to the metric system. Businesses work on the metric system, (including US businesses*)

*The U.S. has already adopted the metric system, it's just not the only system of measurement used. The U.S. uses both metric and U.S. standard units. The U.S. government and many industries have already converted to metric. ... Federal government contractors must use metric measurements for most things.

(At least 14 US states have some roadsigns in metric as well as imperial)

The best revolutions are the quiet ones.

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